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Stainless steel fabricators and 
tube manipulators

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Welcome to Lochaber Stainless

Situated in Fort William,  Scotland,  Lochaber Stainless started trading in 2014


 A specialist in stainless steel fabrication, our claim to fame is our work producing exceptional quality stainless steel exhaust systems and tubular manifolds for our clients, both private and commercial.


High-tech bending equipment allows us to produce accurate, repeatable  bends in tube to suit your requirements. A range of different grinding and polishing stations allows us to deliver up to a mirror finish.


Our mandrel bender allows us to bend tube to different radii without deforming the internal cross section – essential for applications where flow is important as in our exhaust systems, or for aesthetic purposes such as furniture or truck bars.


We are not limited just to tube, however, and have the ability to manufacture components from a variety of materials and processes.


Our skill and experience of producing high-quality products to our clients exacting specifications lets us meet your needs be that a bespoke one-of item or a production run of thousands of units.


 Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your project and requirements.


07970 398 041 or 01397 706102


Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm

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